We might have to wait and see

  • For the root abyss supervisors there current chaos forms ought to be normal and make a completely new harder chaos for them. For hilla her hard form should be normal and make a brand new tough form for her. For Von Leon his normal form should be simple and create a new harder ordinary form. For Pink bean his existing chaos form should become normal and create a more harder chaos form due to him. There are likely more bosses but I can not recall them now but I think you get the point. The difficulty for the current supervisors are way to simple and lost their pleasure of being challenging, and I expect you guys give this some consideration.

    Well Zakum just got revamped and folks are complaining about the new chaos zakum being too challenging now (its not, it simply requires you to actually fight a boss rather than stand in 1 place, the lag is a larger issue than zakum).But no I don't agree. I don't think you've fought most of the bosses that you have listed out. Horntail is actually in the very best place for directors right now since his falls are almost completely aligned with his problem, which is not accurate for almost any other boss in the Maplestory Mesos game at the moment.

    Yes he is more difficult, but he's being revamped this year I believe we might have to wait and see what happens with this. VonKittybutt could be made more difficult, but why? I don't see the purpose. We want some lesser leveled, easier bosses for lower leveled players to enjoy fighting. VL is a very fantastic boss fight, well designed. I do not support placing that boss fight out of reach of players since you think he is too easy.

    And for the other directors just no. Tough hilla is stupidly hard believing she does not drop anything striking. Except for 1 pair of earrings in the boss accessory put she's the exact same falls as regular hilla, despite even harder mechanics which require 100% status withstand and you eliminate exp on death there. Same thing with chaos pink bean. Its the exact same fight, but everything got more wellbeing and now respawns multiple occasions during each round. When you truly get to PB that he respawns 13 occasions.

    Thats just dull, not to mention that the relatively long spawn animations in the PB fight wind up wasting an unbelievable amount of your limited time. There's absolutely no reason to make this boss the regular PB, since there are not many men and women who aren't hitting 40mil per line who'd be able to manage enough dps to kill it. Chaos root abyss remains beyond the reach of most players. Even if you've got sufficient damage you can still mess up and end up wiping. There's no reason to make routine RA this difficult. Just none.