Confederate Blues players complain Conti training

  • Chelsea's locker room was allegedly under tension Buy FIFA Coins, Rocket League Trading, Madden Coins and NBA Live Coins Online but Conti insisted he would not be forced to leave. Conti has privately admitted he will not continue as the team coach next season, but he refused to take the initiative to leave, he would prefer to boss Abu decided his future. Conti's £ 9m annual contract is still 18 months away and will be paid a huge sum of money if fired.

    In addition to working hard, Conti also faces the battle of pacifying players who are tired of his training methods. Some players think Conte's training sessions are repetitive and monotonous, and they complain privately about such fatigue - Alonso missed the battle with Watford because of fatigue - criticizing the coach's intensive training schedule. The team appeared more muscle injuries this season - Buckley is eighth - that the training of players too much. Players also attributed Cobad's nervousness to Conti's "bad mood." However, Conti recently gave them a three-day holiday - but it is said to be Captain Cahill's idea.

    Chelsea's original plan was to take a day off after losing to Watford and regroup on Wednesday. But Cahill's suggestion for more two days may be more effective, so Conti changed the plan. So they will start preparing for Monday night's competition from Friday.

    However, Chelsea owner Abu will not allow the player's power to determine Conti's future, even if his departure is only a matter of time.

    Conti's predecessor Scolari, Boas, Mourinho - Palace of the second became less of a victim of the players dissatisfaction. But with the departure of Terry, Lampard, Didier Drogba and Cech and Ivan, no one in the lineup now has direct contact with boss Abu.

    In a difficult time before, the Russian billionaire came to the training ground to chat privately with Conti and deal with director Granovskaya and other members of the board instead of finding players.

    Chelsea's board made it clear that Conti's departure was inevitable, but they wanted to break up with him later this season. Now they are still the top four, as well as the Champions League and the FA Cup task, which gave him room for mistakes, but the next section of the schedule is crucial.

    However, the latest defeat also suggested that Conti could leave the team. If Chelsea suffered a three-game losing streak, this could leave the board with no choice.