The essence of football is losing

  • Manchester United midfielder Mata recently received FIFA Coins an interview with Panenka magazine, admitting that today's football world is in a crisis and football may even have the potential to lose its essence due to over-commercialization, the most important thing that children nowadays About shoes and hairstyles even higher than the game itself.

    Matta told Panenka Magazine: "There are many things that surprised me today's kids: 'They asked me questions about my shoes and asked me why I did not get a hair.' I was puzzled 'Why do not you guys come and ask me how to pass the ball and how to handle the ball or ask where should I kick with my foot when I'm shooting?

    "In the past, children wanted only one football, and now they want sneakers and jerseys, they do not have football and can not play too long, but they do not care about it because they have sneakers or jerseys to show off In their opinion, this is enough.

    "Football is losing its essence and people are starting to talk more about celebrations rather than breaking scores. I'm not criticizing people talking about shoes or hairstyles, but I'd rather people talk more about other things, I mean That part of the game itself. "