Naples President He may indeed leave

  • In an interview, Neapolitan President de FIFA Coins Laurentis spoke of the future of team manager Surrey.

    Surrey has not yet completed a contract with Naples. The head coach has also been associated with Chelsea and other teams. Earlier, the Mirror reported that Chelsea hopes to invite Surrey to replace Conte who may leave this summer.

    The president of Naples, Drouentius said: "Sally's contract with the team expires in 2020. Bringing him here is my decision. I have suffered questions and insults from the fans, but I know what I'm doing. I have been making choices and I don't think I have chosen a bad coach."

    "Sarrey can terminate the contract? Of course, but before we have to sit together, we will talk about it and see if there is a solution. I work in Italy and the United States, I am 24 hours a day, time zone will not It bothers me."