Contested or Uncontested Divorce– Gustavo Frances Can Help

  • There can be an abundance of reasons why a couple may decide to divorce, and one of these, according to popular opinion, is that the children of divorced parents can be more likely to divorce themselves. Psychologist have appeared to back this hypothesis up for quite a while, but more recent research suggests that it actually goes deeper than that.

    It is almost guaranteed that you would prefer to go down the route of an uncontested divorce, but the reality does not always work out as we would like it to. Whether you have successfully negotiated an uncontested divorce, or are embroiled in disputes over various aspects of your former married life, an experienced Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney can help you to secure the best possible outcome for yourself and your children. Every divorce is different so, to discuss your circumstances with an esteemed attorney, schedule your initial consultation today by calling Law Offices of Gustavo E. Frances on 1-866-435-4172.