Why Married Couples Should Hold Joint Credit Cards

  • Have you been told that married couples should have both joint and separate financial accounts? This is true to a certain extent. It’s a good idea to have joint checking accounts, separate savings accounts, and separate retirement accounts that name each other as beneficiaries. It also might be a good idea for each of you to have individual checking accounts for spending money. When it comes to credit cards, it’s best for married couples to hold only joint accounts. You might be wondering why the change of method with credit cards.

    Well, for starters, it helps you avoid any surprises should the marriage end in divorce or should your spouse get into financial trouble. Are you worried that you could be surprised with debt if you get divorced in Florida? Contact the Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney Gustavo E. Frances today to discuss your situation and find out how debt in your spouse’s name can affect you in a divorce.