Howard Kornberg Explains Causes of Wobbling in Motorcycles

  • Wobbling is a very prominent example of how motorcyclists get injured or die in crashes involving no other vehicles. But what causes wobbling in the first place? What causes that misalignment between the front and rear tires of the bike? Aside from the high speed, another common cause of wobbling is when the motorcycle’s tire is loose, poorly inflated or supported by a defective rim. All of the above can cause the tire to become unstable. The wobbling becomes more intense when the motorcyclist speeds up to the point that it becomes nearly impossible to control the bike due to shaking.


    A Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney Howard Kornberg explains that defective motorcycles as well as faulty parts and components of the bike can contribute to a motorcycle crash caused by wobbling. In order to determine fault in a motorcycle accident caused by wobbling, contact Howard Kornberg at Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg.