Matthew A. Kaufman Helps You to Prove wrongful termination

  • California employment laws make it clear that firing an employee to avoid paying wages constitutes wrongful termination, but what about terminating a worker to avoid paying commissions or bonuses due? This is a problem that happens way too often, especially in the tech industry and among start-up companies, and many terminated workers in Los Angeles and all across California simply walk away, not knowing that they may be entitled to sue their employer for such conduct.

    So You have an attorney at your side who explains that employers in California can attempt to avoid paying bonuses or commissions by firing an employee right before the bonus, commission or other employment benefits would have been due or paid. Contact Los Angeles wrongful termination attorney Matthew A. Kaufman at Kaufman Law Firm, who finds sufficient evidence to prove that your firing amounted to wrongful termination. Call the Law Firm at (818)-305-6457 or (866)-278-2385 to get a free consultation.