Are You Illegally Fired from the Job?

  • Employees in California work at will, which means they can be fired at any time for any lawful reason. However, it is illegal firing an employee on the basis of discrimination or retaliation. These exclusions are valid for both, at-will and contract employees, an can take a look at your circumstances and determine whether or not you have a wrongful termination case.

    There are a few common unlawful reasons for firing an employee:

    1. Discrimination

    2. Hostile environment

    3. Retaliation

    4. Lie detector test

    5. Citizenship status

    6. Public safety violations

    7. On a contract

    Even if you have been wrongfully terminated, you’re entitled to certain rights under California employment law. At Kaufman Law Firm the Los Angeles wrongful termination attorney Matthew A Kaufman has outlined four employee rights guaranteed to outgoing employees. Call today at (818)-305-6457 for a free consultation.