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  • There were six of us – who wouldn’t think we had it in the bag? There was Sarah Morley, Kipp Wright, Kathy Frizzell, Susan Johns, Gina Hamilton – and me. props escape rooms should have been a simple heist. As the final moments ticked down, I was glad to have the added clues and even looked at the screen to see if there were more.
    And it was! We were just ourselves not Professor Plum, Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. It was like being inside a game of "Clue!" 3 after the weekly Thursday morning editorial meeting when Gina was heard to say that it was an awful lot of fun, but that there needed to be more math.

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    I thinks she’s nuts – I love her dearly, but more math? Really? Just shoot me now … because the experience was so much fun Sarah announced we should all go once every quarter for more team-building fun. It was a big eye opener, gotta think outside the box! Working together. Why? Because I’m still trying to figure out where it all went wrong.
    Anyhow, some of the royals’ priceless jewels – worth millions, I might add – all that ice … were right there, right there in a display case. A backup security system. There was just one problem. Escape room enthusiasts, listen up: it's been two weeks since Nikki Giovacchini — a veteran production designer from movies you've heard of and head of game making at Sleepy Hollow Farms - turned his gaze onto the teams arriving at the farm, to see if they could solve his Christmas puzzle.

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    It was the best team event ever, and in the final two minutes it was Kathy who called out the correct combination of numbers to Kipp who finally unlocked the door … just 1 minute and 8 seconds away from, well, you know, we probably are the only team – so far – that took almost the whole hour! So no, we weren’t exactly The Phantom … or the fastest team ever to enter a Midcoast Escape Room … but for us, it was a mind-boggling gas!  Looking for a bit of a thrill before Halloween arrives? Why not try an escape room? Do you want to view more escape room props? 1987 Studio you can take a look!