Common factors in drowsy driving crashes

  • Drowsiness can be caused by many things. A crying baby may have kept you awake much of the night. You may have health issues, or perhaps you are tired because you worked the night shift. Did you know that most car accidents caused by drowsy driving occur late at night or late in the afternoon? This is often because sleep is regulated by your circadian rhythm, or internal clock, which takes a dip during these time periods and can make you feel sleepy to one degree or another. Many accidents of this type also occur on rural roads or highways.

    Many drowsy driver-related accidents only involve a single vehicle. While investigators are called to the site of a car crash to look for clues as to what caused it, evidence of driver fatigue is not always found. Researchers are working on finding new ways to measure the impact of drowsy driving so as to help reduce the number of accidents, injuries and fatalities. If you have been hurt as the result of a crash involving driver fatigue, an experienced Philadelphia car accident attorney Daniel S. Doyle experienced with personal injury cases is standing by to help.