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The Way to Stop Hackers/Botters As Reward?

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    9 May 2018

    A simple solution to that is to reduce or fully re-haul the Elite area system where it mainly benefits training instead of Elite Boss rewards. Then supplementation to repeats and other content that can make formerly worthless or into something that people might want to do more daily.

    Another remedy is to up-the-game with anti-hack detection where it does not auto-ban but flags questionable players to GMs to explore. I find it absolutely pathetic that the degree of hacking now happening. Not just infecting dead abandoned areas, but even places like Arcane River.

    One more solution is to permanently cripple hacking with a long-term remedy to killing MS2 Mesos off once and for all. A good illustration would be to close down hacking providers or locating a way so the system can't be manipulated through vulnerabilities with third-party tools. I've seen many different types of hacks disappear and appear through the years. It's quite obvious and undeniable that hacking/botting Blaze Wizards, Kinesis and Blasters are using some type of full map attack combined with no delay assaulting.

    Each time a lot of changes negatively affect legitimates over the cheaters themselves that are players or hackers who control the Black Market. It's the complete opposite of protecting players. The maplestory 2 mesos market is going to be plagued with the sudden inflation of potential equipment because Meisters are removed.

    However, I find that totally pathetic on Nexon's part too that even if they've put their entire effort, cheapest Maplestory 2 Mesos sadly hasn't been sufficient. More must be done if anything wants to be solved for the current hacking and Black Marketplace scenario.

    Too many hackers/botters will ruin this fantastic sport, so Nexon need to do more work to protect the game! Maplestory2 mesos can supply the maplestory 2 mesos to all players with a legal manner, we will not violate the balance of the match.