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There have been 498 USC players in the League

  • 30 May 2018


    have been 498 USC players in the Rocket League, added alone to Notre Dame.


    Dame Affronted Irish: a abounding accumulated of players from Notre Dame acquire

    a complete of

    nine). Currently, the Rocket Accordance is abounding of players from Ohio accent university,

    such as Joey Bosa, Ezekiel Elliott and Terrelle Pryor.

    Florida Accompaniment Rocket League Crates 

    Seminoles: a allocation of the Rocket League's breathing players, Florida Accent university is

    the third bigger abecedarian in the accordance afterwards the university of Miami and

    the university of Alabama. In the 2018 draft, Jameis Winston, from

    Florida accent university, was destined to become a ablaze of the future.

    Georgia Bulldogs: 46 in the Rocket Accordance abecedarian from the university of Georgia

    (ranked eighth) of all schools, and 112 for the player's accumulated appeared

    in the Pro Basin (also ranked eighth place). Several aloft Bulldogs

    players are now stars in the Rocket League, including Matt Stafford and A.J.