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The Way to perform a Putback Dunk in NBA 2K19

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    31 July

    Getting and Equipping Accessories in NBA 2K19

    New to NBA 2K19 is the capability to buy accessories for your NBA 2K19 MT to make them seem a little better and swankier if you are hanging out from the game's social space. However, looking good comes at a price.

    To be able to get new accessories, you will want to purchase them with VC, which may be pretty tough to get, especially if you're seeking to set them into leveling your stats instead of cosmetics.

    To buy accessories, head down the road and go to the clothing store opposite the barber shop and the NBA store. From here, you'll be able to test on a variety of clothing items and accessories.

    After buying your accessories, you can equip them there, or return to your own MyCourt high rise attic and choose your outfit in the selection of accessories and clothing you've obtained so far. This should be a pretty welcome addition for players who are fed up with seeing their character in the exact same grey slacks and brown top for so long now.

    VC Sale at NBA 2K19

    With the launch of each NBA 2K19 News  match, there'll usually be a VC sale for your name, and players will most likely be anticipating one for NBA 2K19 which just released last week. Throughout the sale, players will be able to purchase the in-game money, Virtual Money (more commonly referred to as VC), in a discount.

    However, there has not been any information of a VC sale for NBA 2K19 just yet. The sale usually usually goes live some time after the game has established, but 2K Games haven't announced anything.