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    26 February
  • qzz 10011 Steel price extension index (MCSI): In the process of producing coarse steel by stainless steel in steel plant, the price of ferrochrome products corresponding to the terminal of stainless steel market is obtained by calculating the theoretical data of stainless steel market price by means of the theoretical data of the stainless steel market price. Purchasing manager index (MCPI): The price of ferrochrome products in stainless steel manufacturing process is calculated on a weighted average basis through the theoretical consumption value calculated by the purchasing price of ferrochrome and the output of coarse steel (separation) in the main stainless steel plants in China. Raw material production index (MCCI): By collecting the basic data of the raw material resources of the high carbon ferrochrome, the output data of the region are carried out by the data of the content, ratio, price, transportation, electricity and so on. The price of ferrochromium produced by the weighted average of the price is obtained. The steel price extension index MCSI, the purchasing manager index MCPI and the raw material production index MCCI can be easily understood as the highest price, the middle price and the lowest price of the ferrochrome price. It can also be regarded as the terminal value, middle segment value and front end value of chromium produced by stainless steel. read more: Pantalla de malla de acero inoxidable 304 400 serie banda de acero inoxidable 410 grado círculo Chapa de acero 4130 de aleación
    3 hours ago