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  • qzz 10011 Water source heat pump system is the application of the shallow water of the earth's surface, such as rivers, lakes, sea and ground solar and geothermal a small amounts of high energy input, low water absorption, through the reverse thermodynamic cycle, level of thermal energy system. Surface soil and water are not only a huge solar collector, but also a great dynamic energy balance system that naturally accepts and maintains a relatively divergent surface energy balance for soil and water. The water source heat pump system, in the construction of the species in the hot summer basic working conditions will be transferred to the water, and reverse the entire winter heat cycle, the heat is extracted from the water. The water temperature is relatively stable throughout the year, which is far higher than the range of temperature fluctuation to air. Especially, the temperature of groundwater remains constant throughout the year. Due to the constant temperature of water, the water source heat pump system is stable and reliable. The air source heat pump from climate change and energy efficiency is affected by external factors in winter. Therefore, the water source heat pump system is worthy of in-depth study, to actively promote resource conservation and environmental protection, renewable energy advanced technical characteristics, use. read more: tilting furnace electromagnetic aluminum scrap melting furnace [url=]professional zinc melting furnace for sale[/url] Evaporation Vacuum Coating Machine For c Silent Oil Free Air Compressor for lab
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