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  • qzz 10011 From the perspective of upgrading space, the key state-owned steel enterprises in the north with relatively low profitability have strong reform demands and greater reform motivation. For example, Baotou Steel, which was shortlisted for the “Double Hundred Actions”, was announced at the end of 2016. The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has announced that the largest state-owned enterprise, Baotou Steel Group, has reached 2/3 of its total assets. The development direction of Baotou Steel's mixed ownership reform program mainly includes: promoting the overall listing, improving the existing mixed ownership mechanism, promoting new projects and new formation companies to develop mixed ownership economy in the fields of resource asset development and environmental protection, and promoting employee stock ownership. Implementation. From the specific implementation situation, Baotou Steel has further standardized the operation of the board of directors through a series of measures, actively carried out extensive joint ventures and cooperation with social capital and non-public capital, and divested related loss-making assets and resolved historical issues. Under the acceleration of the “Double Hundred Actions” reform of the state-owned enterprises, key northern state-owned steel enterprises like Baotou Steel are expected to accelerate the improvement of operational efficiency and profitability, and narrow the gap with southern steel enterprises. Under the circumstances that the domestic production of stainless steel is now clearly determined, the development of the stainless steel pipe industry may have to undergo a major reshuffle. The survival of the fittest, the discomfort of the elimination, the various stainless steel pipe manufacturers will stage a brutal game in this shuffle. In the future, the stainless steel pipe industry will change from extensive to fine and slowly. read more: Tubo sin soldadura de acero inoxidable pulido 304 27mm Codo de tubo de acero inoxidable de 90 grados SS304 ANSI Dimensiones Precio de tubo de acero sin costura de gran diámetro de 90mm
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