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  • qzz 10011 Leak detection in vacuum system of vacuum heat treatment furnace is a big problem that often occurs in production.There are a lot of information about leak detection technology.This paper puts forward the treatment method when the vacuum system breaks down in use.It is based on the theoretical analysis of different time and conditions that the possible position of leak can be judged. It is known from the field experience that the leak detection by analytic method can not only reduce the cost but also accommodate the shortcomings of the leak detection instruments which are not available in general small factories. For vacuum heat treatment furnace leak detection, including furnace body and vacuum system two parts. When the furnace body and vacuum system are assembled, no matter how reliable the seal is, there is always some leakage. Therefore, the leakage rate is used as an important performance index of the heat treatment furnace. Leakage rate refers to the gas flow rate per unit time through the leak hole into the furnace, the unit is Pa. L / s (or Torr. L / s). At present, the air leakage rate of vacuum heat-treatment furnace is expressed by pressure increase rate (boost rate) at home and abroad. It is generally designated as 0.7Pa/h (or 5 micron mercury column / time). If the value is less than or equal to this value, the leakage rate of the furnace is qualified. We hope that the smaller the leakage rate, the better. Because it can affect the limit vacuum of the furnace chamber, but also will make the surface of the treated workpiece oxidation, reducing the brightness. read more: 2BE1 102 liquid ring vacuum pump with belt type Vertical Type Vacuum Pyrolysis Furnace Liquid ring vacuum pump applied to Sugar plant
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