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  • qzz 10011 I believe that many people have encountered such an embarrassing experience: moving to the new house cheerfully, Good Quality Best Gift Solar Air Cooler Without Water finding that the net is at the door of the house, the room is too far away from the net, and the room is not networked. Pull a long line directly, not beautiful, and the speed of the net can also be affected. It may be recommended to use a wireless repeater to expand the Wifi signal. However, this method is not recommended by the small editor. Why? Since the relay is relayed, the relay network has only half the speed of the original network, and the signal is not stable. The more people use it, the more unstable the network is. So, the little editor has brought a black science and technology today - the power cat. What is a power cat? Electric cats, in fact, are power network bridging devices (paired devices or one to many), which is a relatively new application and development of Power Line Communication (PLC). The principle is to modulate network signals to wires, transmit high-frequency signals by wires, load high-frequency signals loaded on electric current, transmit power to electric network bridging devices through information, and finally convert them to high frequency signals. The problem of difficult and unpleasing wiring is solved perfectly. After receiving the receiver, it can also expand into wireless router and so on. Moreover, part of the power cat itself supports wireless function, and the following is the operation principle of electric cat. Compared with the wireless network, what is the advantage of a Outdoor Lighthouse Cheap Mini Solar Light Kits For Garden System ? What are the shortcomings? Wireless networks have the following defects: 1. The bandwidth is limited and the ability to wear wall is insufficient. It should be familiar to all of us. It is just a wall, but the wireless signal is very poor, and it may even be in the corner of the signal. 2. The popularity of wireless network is high. Now the popularity of the wireless network is very high, all families will basically set up a set of wireless networks, so it is easy to cause wireless signal traffic jam. Therefore, cat power compared to the wireless network, the more obvious advantages: a wide range of power line is the most extensive coverage of the network, the scale is unmatched by any other network, cat power do not have to worry about the wall blocking signal, but also do not need to worry about the crash signal problem, because each Professional True Sine Wave Solar Power System Inverter 10000 Watts line is independent.
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