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    Afford Plan Want to build a seamless medical experience for your
    patients? Get in touch with us for customized health savings solutions at
    #AffordPlan. https://goo.gl/9dVU5h
    #HealthCare #Savings #Do...  more
    • 13 March
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    Afford Plan is now friends with carpet couture.
    • 13 March
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    Afford Plan At Affordplan, we are passionate about changing the healthcare
    affordability ecosystem in India. We believe that with the merging of
    technology, finance and healthcare in India, endless possibilities can be achieved.  more
    • 5 March
  • Afford Plan
    Afford Plan In the whole journey of prenatal care to
    delivery and beyond, the medical costs of pregnancy can get pretty
    overwhelming. However, realizing that you have nine months to get your finances
    sorted should motivate you to take the first step towards saving up...  more
    • 28 February
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    Afford Plan The age-old debate between the intensity of healthcare quality and care
    hasn’t come to a conclusion. People have and still believe that quality
    improvement results in increased healthcare expenses. But the fact is that
    Technology can make affordable healt...  more
    • 24 February
  • Afford Plan
    Afford Plan Fintech companies have slowly started developing innovative financial
    solutions, addressing the age-old issue of financial savings altogether.
    Primarily triggered by a surge in e-commerce, and smartphone penetration, the
    generally cash-driven Indian econo...  more
    • 23 February
  • Afford Plan
    Afford Plan The healthcare consumer landscape has seen a
    drastic shift in terms of their behaviour towards healthcare services. The
    engaged health care consumer is proactive about the management and cost
    considerations and takes the time to understand larger aspects ...  more
    • 20 February
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    Afford Plan AffordPlan #MobileApp - India’s first #Fintech App
    that lets you plan for medical treatments in advance, it acts as a saviour for
    patients who struggle with the burden of bearing out-of-pocket medical
    <...  more
    • 19 February
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    Afford Plan With
    an affordable health savings plan, the biggest advantage for you is that you
    start saving with only a small amount of money. A #healthsavings solution helps
    you in saving for the treatment expenses.  more
    • 17 February
  • Afford Plan
    Afford Plan A health savings solution
    lets you manage your medical bills yourself by helping you save for the medical
    need, bit by bit.
    #HealthSavings #HealthPlan #Save #Med...  more
    • 17 February
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    Afford Plan Think of a health saving solution as a unique savings medium for
    patients, which lets them pre-finance or self-finance their treatment expenses
    through flexible and convenient payment options.
    • 13 February
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    Afford Plan How does one progress towards better management of
    healthcare expenses?
    Right from the nature of the medical care required, to choosing the hospital
    and deciding the amount you need to save, #AffordPlan provides the consumer...  more
    • 12 February
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    Afford Plan Creating a revolutionary way of how patients could engage better and
    simplify their healthcare finances, #AffordPlan introduces medical savings, on
    your smartphone.
    Download the mobile app on your Android phone today and experience the...  more
    • 10 February
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    Afford Plan Demystifying the Role of
    Fintech in Healthcare Segment
    #Healthcare #Fintech
    #HealthForAll #FinancialSavings #Affordplan
    • 8 February
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    Afford Plan Relieve Your Healthcare Financial Burden With These 5 Steps
    #HealthCare #FinancialSavings #MedicalExpenses #SaveMoney #AffordPlan
    • 6 February